Benefits Of Joining

Benifits Of Joining

During these exciting times of change, membership in the Belmont Chamber of Commerce is an excellent business decision. The Chamber is an active, vital segment in our community. Your membership is a way to be involved and an important voice in what is happening in the business community. Before us today are decisions that will affect the business community through at least 2035. Belmont faces such issues as:

  • Caltrain Electrification
  • High Speed Rail Bended Approach/Passing Tracks
  • Replacing Unused Commercial Space with Vibrant Businesses
  • General Plan for the City
  • Four new “Village” mixed use developments downtown
  • Belmont Shuttle between businesses and recreational points
  • New taxes to be imposed by the City

The main purpose of the Belmont Chamber of Commerce is to assure Belmont’s business future by creating a strong and vibrant business environment. The Chamber acts as a liaison between the business community and the Belmont City Council by attending every Council meeting and participating in various Ad Hoc Committees. Through the combined investment and commitment of our members, the Belmont Chamber represents the business community at all levels of government, local, regional, state and federal.

In addition to the benefits you gain through the efforts of board members participating in the governmental process, the Belmont Chamber offers programs and services that directly benefit the members. Some of them are listed below.

Professional Consultants

One of the goals of the Belmont Chamber is to assist our members with accurate information regarding their business needs. As a result, the Belmont Chamber of Commerce has developed a Professional Consulting Agreement with professionals to provide you the opportunity to be better informed on specific issues concerning your business. This service is provided at a one time, no fee consultation service for 30 minutes.

The following Chamber business professionals are available to assist members in the following disciplines:

  • Start-up Advice
  • Business Plan Evaluation
  • Business Financing
  • Real Estate Development
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Planning

We will assist you in finding a solution. The members of the Belmont Chamber Board of Directors are committed to supporting members and their businesses; combined, the Board members share a wealth of business knowledge.

Additional Member Benefits

Marketing and Branding

Marketing and Branding your business are two very important activities relating to the success of your business. To that end, the Chamber offers comprehensive marketing-benefit packages through its website. Publications include programs and special events, which can help your company, achieve multiple objectives.

The Chamber programs will increase your visibility and exposure within the Chamber membership, the Peninsula business community, Northern California and the Internet world.  You can set yourself apart from your competition through the use of exclusive sponsorships through such events as the Belmont’s Notre de Namur University’s Distinguished Speakers Series; participate in joint promotions with the likes of The 49rs and the Giants; get involved with merchandising opportunities with such events as Americas Cup Yacht Race, and entertaining clients at prestigious events such as the Masters Golf Tournament or dining at one of Belmont’s famous members restaurants- the infamous Vans and the elegant Vivace.

The Chamber’s website utilizes the latest in SEO and other technologies. By using links, it ensures its place on the web and helps the member’s sites as well.

Due to the wealth of relationships developed by the members of the Belmont Chamber, the Chamber stands ready to help facilitate any of these activities, all of which are unique to our area.


Networking, Networking, networking is an activity that must be conducted on a daily basis. The Chamber helps you to do so by:

  • Advertising your upcoming event in our weekly email “E-Blast”, on the Chamber website.
  • “Showcasing” your business as a new member or an established member that has achieved a milestone or would like the opportunity to spread the good word about the businesses success to generate traffic.
  • Mixers. A great way to celebrate your business. The Chamber will spread the word via its website and E-Blasts. You provide the refreshments and watch the networking take place for you and your business.
  • Happy Hour. Join with other Chamber members at one of our local restaurants for a networking experience with a beverage and delicious appetizers. A great way to get to know our business community on a first name basis.
  • Business/Art and Wine Festivals. A great opportunity to meet the community at large and share face-to-face information about your business.
  • Chamber Ambassador. Become a Chamber Ambassador and welcome all new members and network with current members. Contact non-member business owners and learn about their business.
  • Chamber Board of Directors. Join the Board of Directors; attend Board meetings; join a committee and perhaps, chair a committee.
  • Business Workshops. Participate in and/or conduct business related workshops sponsored by the Chamber.

Publications, Print and Electronic

Publications are an excellent way to get the word out about your business, special event or a sale. There are several publications to be used by members:

  • Belmont Business Directory & Community Guide. During the year of publications, it is mailed to every Belmont household. A new Directory is planned for late 2012. It is available throughout the next 12 to 24 months in places where people tend to congregate i.e. hotels, motels, realtor offices, etc. and of course to all new residents.
  • A Quarterly Newsletter.  Each quarter a newsletter is printed and mailed to all members and selected non-members. The first advertisement is free. Contribute an article, and the Chamber will thank you by giving your business a free advertisement within the newsletter.  Additional advertisements can be run for a nominal charge, and introductory flyers /Inserts are free.
  • Electronic  – Internet Based, the Chamber sends out weekly, monthly and as needed, E-Blasts on behalf of members and at times various other members of the Belmont community.
  • Free Listing – Free listing in the Directory and on the Belmont Chambers web site.  Additional advertising can be purchased in the Directory at discounted, below market rates. After the first advertisement, any additional ad can be placed for a nominal charge.
  • Website Specialty Advertising.  For realtors, food & beverage establishments and companies with ever-changing product s and/or services, the Chamber has a special pricing program.
  • Labels.  Printed mailing Labels are available free to member businesses.

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